Logic and Scientific Method PHL 221, Spring 2019

Suppose there is a barista who makes coffee for all and only those Staten Island residents who don’t make coffee for themselves. She is a resident of Staten Island. Does she make her own coffee? If she does, then she can’t. But if she doesn’t, then she must. How is this possible? In this course, in addition to occasionally being confronted with logical puzzles such this one, you will learn how to identify the structure of arguments and how to employ truth tables and other formal methods to test the validity of arguments; you will learn about computer logic, the logic of sets, and the logic of paradox. Logic is abstract but practical: it can improve your reading and writing, and it can help you to argue more persuasively. Moreover, it can be fun. We will work hard, but the result, I hope, will be worth it.        Filtre-pour-une-tasse-cafe

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